Informed by the writings and performances of John Cage, Philip Fryer explores experience through performance, sound, and installation. At times chaotic and other times serene, his work draws connections between mortality, queer identity, chronic illness, and memory decay. Fryer often utilizes obsolete or forgotten technology, bringing together the past and the present.

Philip is a co-founder of The Present Tense, an initiative that has organized performance events since 2005 and has exhibited the work of over 200 artists. He has performed at The Darling Foundry and Le Lieu (Montreal and Quebec City, QC), Grace Exhibition Space and Panoply(New York, NY), DEFIBRILLATOR gallery (Chicago, IL), The Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and 100 Years of Performance Art (Boston, MA). He as also been a member of the boston based dark ambient project TOOMS since 2012, performs under the solo moniker Moondrawn, and with his partner Rosie Ranauro as Princess Beautiful.